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No Awkward First Visit

Here's What Happens When You Plan Your Visit...

Here's the deal...

We do thing's a little differently around here...

We know it can be a little weird or even awkward visiting a church for the first time.


That's why we created Plan Your Visit.



When you sign up for Plan Your Visit we will:


  meet you at the front door


  introduce you to some great people


  help you get your kids checked in


  give you a tour of the church


  make sure you meet Pastor Ben



We want to make sure your first visit is as smooth and easy as possible., and actually take time to get to know you and your family.


Just click on the button below and Plan Your Visit for this Sunday!


Have questions? We have the answers!


How do I participate digitally?
What time is service online?
How do I join an online community?
Is there something for my kids?


Where do I participate in-person?
What time is service in-person?
How do I join an in-person community?
Is there something for my kids?


Sundays @ 11am


3620 N. Millbrook Ave. Fresno, CA 93726

This event is 100% FREE

and open to the public!